How can I design a motor drive (IGBT based) in VisSim?

I need to design an IGBT based motor drive. Can VisSim help me?

Yes, VisSim is probably the best tool on the market for this.

VisSim has a library of easily customizable models for AC Induction, Brushless DC, PMSM, Stepper and DC brush motors. This lets you create a model of your motor and drive system. VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer supports the Texas Instruments C2000 MCU line that is dedicated to digital power and electric motor control. It has on-chip PWM generation with programmable IGBT deadband intervals, with separate time intervals for forward and reverse edge positioning. The chips also have on-chip over current faults for hardware control of PWM shutoff, as well as on-chip ADC, CAN, serial, SPI, quadrature encoders, I2C etc. VisSim/ECD fully supports all these on-chip peripherals generating very efficient C-code directly from the diagram making embedded motor control a faster, easier process.