How can I connect VisSim with F28335?


I have some problems with connection between computer and F28335 processor on a TMS320C2000 Texas Instruments board. I have only standard USB cable, but I know on TI board I have access to JTAG pins - but I have no special cable for this. I heard from Pete Darnell (very helpful man) - I can connect by standard USB connection protocol - it means XDS 100 USB emulator. But when I set up in Setup CCStudio my emulator (F28335 XDS100 USB Emulator) - I have no access for this in VisSim: I start VisSim and choose DSP config - and I have no any JTAG connection avaiable, when I want start any program I get error about "simulation aborted at 0 simulated seconds", or "Unexpected condition (error=0)".

About my software - I have CCStudio 3.3, SP12. VisSim v7.0. When I run a program by CCStudio everything works without any problems.

If somebody knows, what I do wrong - plese write here.

Best Regards! Pawel Blaszczyk

Do you have the latest VisSim/ECD?

Hi Pawel, The current version of VisSim/ECD has no problem with the XDS100 USB JTAG emulator. What version of VisSim/ECD do you have? We made some updates to support recent CCS registry changes. To ensure you have the most recent VisSim/ECD, please download and run the install from here:

Now I have :)


Thanks for reply - here was a problem - I had installed only VisSim (not VisSim ECD) - now I can connect with my device. Tomorrow I will start create my first programs - thanks for help and fast reply!

Best regards from Poland, Pawel Blaszczyk