How can i connect my TI microprocessor/DSP board with VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer?

First get CCS to connect

1) Run Code Composer Setup and add the JTAG->Target link to CCS supported targets. If the JTAG unit does not appear in the CCS Setup list, download and install the JTAG drivers from the JTAG vendor. For example, the Spectrum Digital CCS V3 driver support is found here:
2) Save & Quit
3) Start Vissim, navigate to VisSim/DSP > > DSP Config...
4) Select the JTAG Connection from the drop down and click OK.

VisSim/ECD supports all third-party JTAG boards that CCS supports.

How do I do this with CCSv4?

How do I do this with CCSv4? I am using a BlackHawk USB 2000 if that makes any difference.

Our new ECD update now supports CCSv4