HD44780 LCD Driver


I am willing to attach an LCD to my Piccolo or MSP430 board under VisSim environment. Is there anyone who could advise, or done this connection before?

Regards, Adnan Kurt

Using extern function and C-codes

Hi VisSim!

I have written a code in CCSv5.40, to write and read data over SPI to EEPROM. I have tried this using CCS v4 as well. I have built and generated .obj files. As advised in user guide and help files, I have addressed these user object files in f280xcl.bat. Now the question is:

I have built a test diagram to call my function written in c. To keep things simple, in order to clearly understand the process, I wanted to call two void functions. I tried to generate code, it does. When compiling, it gives errors for those two extern functions. Errors can be seen below, attached output.

My questions are:

  1. I could not find detailed information, on how to use user codes under VisSim diagrams. I have searched forum pages as well. Any advise for related documents, tutorials?

  2. C-Code written for F28069 under CCS v4 or v5, built and generated .obj files. Which output files are required to be used in VisSim diagrams? Only .obj? Which version of CCS should be used?

  3. Under VisSim, the block that we can use to call our functions in separate C-Code seems to be externFunction block. Do we need to set and use anything else?

  4. Is there a specific folder to put .obj files into? I used C:\VisSim80\cg\ folder.

  5. Do we need to use any other file? Such as header files, .out files, .map files?

  6. I have seen good, useful examples in the examples you have supplied. These helped me to understand how to use externFunction blocks for users' C-Code snippets. Also gave information on how to access hardware registers, peripherals. A similar and very simple example would helped a lot to understand "how to use external C-Code with VisSim?".

I would appreciate any advise alot. Regards, Adnan Kurt

Here is the related content of the DOS window during compilation:

F280Xcl.bat e2prom_Test_10Feb2014 64 128 so F28069

C:\VisSim80\cg>set USER_OBJS= e2prom_test_AdKu_09Feb2014_v2.obj

C:\VisSim80\cg>set USER_OBJS= F2806x_DefaultIsr.obj

C:\VisSim80\cg>set USER_OBJS= F2806x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj

C:\VisSim80\cg>set USER_OBJS= F2806x_PieCtrl.obj

C:\VisSim80\cg>set USER_OBJS= F2806x_PieVect.obj

C:\VisSim80\cg>set USER_OBJS= F2806x_Spi.obj

C:\VisSim80\cg>set USER_OBJS= F2806x_SysCtrl.obj .....................

C:\VisSim80\cg>if "F28069" == "F28016" set MTGT=F2801

C:\VisSim80\cg>dsp28xcl F280X e2prom_Test_10Feb2014 64 128 28 ""

C:\VisSim80\cg>rem Copyright (c) 1989-2013 Visual Solutions Inc .....................

C:\VisSim80\cg>if "280" == "283" (set CFLAG=--float_support=fpu32 -D_DELFINO_ )

C:\VisSim80\cg>cl2000 --float_support=fpu32 -pds=179 -c -g -fs=tmp -k -ml -v28 -O2 -d_DSP -DVERSION_10X=80 -d_ F28XX_ -d_F280X_ -fsTMP -i"\vissim80"\vsdk\include -i.\include e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.c "e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.c", line 16: warning: expression has no effect "e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.c", line 17: error: identifier "init_Write_e2prom" is undefined 1 error detected in the compilation of "e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.c".

Compilation failure .................

C:\VisSim80\cg>if "F280x_fpu" == "f28xx" set TGTREGDEF=lib\DSP28_GlobalVariableDefs.obj

C:\VisSim80\cg>lnk2000 --diag_suppress=16002 -c -x -q -me2prom_Test_10Feb2014.map e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.obj F 2806x_usDelay.obj -l lib\ii_F280x_fpu.lib -heap 64 -stack 128 -o e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.out lib\F28069""lnk. cmd

undefined first referenced symbol in file --------- ---------------- _Test_Run e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.obj _init_Write_e2prom e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.obj

error: unresolved symbols remain error: errors encountered during linking; "e2prom_Test_10Feb2014.out" not built

C:\VisSim80\cg>pause Press any key to continue . . .

CCSv5.4 and VisSim8.0

I am trying to code on C2000 ControlStick. I have installed ViSim8.0 to mey new computer with Windows8. I had Code Composer Studio Version: already installed under C:\TI\ccsv5. However, VisSim didnot recognize CCS. So, I am not able to compile. I have changed the file dosrun28.bat to search for the correct CCS path. It did run, however I have these errors:

C:\VisSim80\cg>cl2000 -pds=112 -pds=377 -pds=179 -pden -c -g -fs=tmp -k -ml -v2 8 -O2 -d_DSP -DVERSION_10X=80 -d_F28XX_ -d_F280X_ -fsTMP -i"\vissim80"\vsdk\incl ude -i.\include LightPad.c "LightPad.c", line 663: warning #225-D: function declared implicitly "LightPad.c", line 1043: warning #225-D: function declared implicitly "LightPad.c", line 1155: warning #225-D: function declared implicitly "LightPad.c", line 1187: warning #225-D: function declared implicitly

Then I have tried to use CCS with VisSim PlugIn, as advised in EmbeddedControlsDeveloper_UGv80/ Starting up the Code Composer Studio on pg205.

Would anyone advise? Regards. Adnan

The CCS plugin works with the

The CCS plugin works with the older v3 CCS. There is no plugin for CCS v5. The plugin just gives a quick way to create a CCS project to compile and debug a VisSim generated program. Debugging and development is much easier if you stay in the CCS environment.
While the warnings you cite are something we will look at, they do not prevent you from creating a working .out file that will run on the target. Please send us your .vsm diagram so we may see what is causing the warnings.

We have had a few customer do

We have had a few customer do this via the serial port. We created an LCD addon that uses a serial connection to a 20/40 char, 2x/4x line LCD. If you don't have an LCD option under the Embedded menu, then you can copy it from here to your \vissim80\cg\lib dir, and add it to Edit > Preferences... > Addons