GPIO Input

I am working with 28335 and i can't seem to get the digital inputs to work...Seems so easy right? The Input pins that I am most interested in testing are the ones related to the eQEP inputs. All I am trying to do is varify a good signal before I drag in the QEP block and I can't get any input on GPIO 50,51,53 or 21,22,23. Thanks

I was trying to prove that

I was trying to prove that the Quadrant Encoder Pulses were getting to the 28338 in our inverter when I could not varify that I used on of our Experimenter Kits with a 28335 card in it. The attached diagram i was sending out a square wave and using a wire looking for it on other pins which was fine up to GPIO20 than it stops working the the signal is high and stays high.


All of the pins that I am

All of the pins that I am trying to read from are GPIO 12 and up the one thing that I can find that is common between them is that they are all being held high by the internal pull up Resistor. How do I change the GPxPUD register it is protected? Thanks

Hmm. I see what you mean when

Hmm. I see what you mean when in "interactive mode". I will report this to then engineering group. If you compile and run then it works fine. You mentioned that you were having trouble with quadrature encoder response: we did have a bug in a header file for the QEP unit on the F283x that has been fixed in the latest download Do not uninstall!! That will terminate a trial. Just download and run the install again and it will update needed files.

Please attach your diagram so

Please attach your diagram so we may test in our labs.