FFT analysis using fixed point dsp TMSF2812


I am working on a project that involves FFT analysis of the load side phase current. The DSP board available in my lab is ezdsp TMSF2812. I have downloaded the trial version of VisSim (Embedded target support version 8.0 ) from your website in order to generate code. As a starting point I looked at an example given for Piccolo MCU titled ‘’fft28069’’ and tried to apply that for F2812 platform. Compared to the original file, I made the change by incorporating a convert block (converting from double to scaled integer format) prior to the buffer block . When I try to compile the diagram, the following error message is displayed on the screen.

‘’undefined symbols _matCircBuffer _matMag Error: symbol referencing error ‘’

The VisSim file ‘’TestingFFT” is attached for reference. I do not know the reason why I am receiving this error message. Can you please help and guide me on how I can perform FFT on a fixed point DSP and generate code using Vissim ECD.

Thanks Kamran

Thanks for this. The F2812 is

Thanks for this. The F2812 is an older target and the library did not have the circular buffer support of the newer F280xx Piccolo and F283xx Delfino parts. It has been updated and you can download the updated ECD here. Find attached diagrams for FFT magnitude / phase calculation on the F2812.