F2812 Flash API Erase Error

We are trying to download our VisSim generated .out file to our F2812 but we always get a message "Flash API Error #22: the Erase operation failed the erase step." We check the "Target Flash" option in the VisSim Codegen Dialog. We are using CCS V3.1 and Flash API V1.0. What can be the problem?

Sounds like you need to upgrade your flash API

From the TI web site (http://focus.ti.com/lit/an/spraab6/spraab6.pdf), the doc says: "The new F281x silicon version G requires Flash API V2.10 and will not operate correctly with Flash API V1.00. You will need to update the flash APIs to V2.10 in all areas, including product development, manufacturing, and any embedded software flashed onto the processor for field updates." "The REVID field for Rev G will be 0x0007 at memory address 0x883. Rev G devices will be symbolized as shown below. The ‘G’ represents the silicon version. TMS 320F2812AAAA CG-XXXXXXX"

Better update to V2.10 flash API Joe.
The TI CCS plugin page is here (requires login)
For CCS V3.x you can download the latest flash plugin here (requires login)
Or you can try here