eZdspLF2407 PWM problem

I want to generate a single PWM which duty cycle entered external at Vissim. When i use T1PWM, it give 2 kHz(constant) PWM and i cant change its frequency. I changed Time Rate Scaling and period but it wasnt effected. I couldnt use SV PWM, single PWM or dual PWM.. when i put it simulation screen and after run, this error was seen at screen (...can work only compiled mode). How can use Compiled MODE??

Thank you very much

It is working, i can see the PWM.. thanks again :)

You have two problems

  1. You must compile the diagram and download it. I suggest you watch the following on-line videos to understand how to do this:
  2. You need to scale the outputs of 3rd harmonic space vector wave form generator from +1..-1 to 0..1 as in the enclosed diagram.

model attached

Svpwm generating signal but i cant see PWM1 from DSP??