I have tried to run "Soft Blink LED on F2013" example for ez430f2013 USB stick. However, during compilation, I am receiving cl430 and lnk430 unrecognized errors. Could not solve the problem, though I have fixed the correct path for IARv5.x and CCS4. Errors are different for the compilers. I understand that I should prefer IAR for MSP430.

I would appreciate your advise. Regards, Adnan Kurt

Solved the problem

I have manually corrected the CGEN.H file, added path of the "vsuser.h" file.

Now, Vissim compiles and downloads using CCS4. adk.

error with ccs4

In DOS command window, it reads: .....lin12: fatal error: could not open source file "vsuser.h"

Still cannot compile for ez430f2013.


IAR version

TI Code Composer Studio: CCS v4.2.4

IAR's workbench: IAR EWB 5.0 & Assembler for MSP430 v4.11


You must be sure to install

You must be sure to install VisSim AFTER you install CCS or IAR compiler. VisSim now works with CCS just as well as IAR for MSP430.
If you installed VisSim first, then just install VisSim again, no need to uninstall. The VisSim installer will find the compiler and setup the batch scripts properly.

what version of IAR do you

what version of IAR do you have?

Did that :(

Thanks for reply. Indeed I had my IAR installed on the machine, before Vissim. I have reinstalled the VisSim, it didnot work.