Error while translation through C-Code


I am trying to translate a compound block with many embed blocks inside it through C-Code. One of this embed blocks has 77 outputs and, when some of these outputs are connected to variables, I get an error if I try to translate the whole compound through C-Code:

Oops, unexpected condition! (error = 0). Please save your work and restart.

Does anybody has any idea about what might be happening?

Thank you very much,

Alexandre Navarro

Can you send your problematic

Can you send your problematic diagram to We can sign a nondisclosure if required.

Ok, thank you for the answer.

Ok, thank you for the answer. We have been experiencing some problems with VisSim and the fact that you can sign a nondisclosure is really good. Maybe we will need it at some point.

For the current problem, however, we got a solution here. Inside that problematic embed block there was a logic using merges with vector inputs. It worked perfectly on VisSim, but was being faulting for some kind of error at translation time. We replaced each merge with vector inputs for many merges with single inputs (as many as the vector dimension). The merge problem was solved and the translation was successfully done.

Maybe it's some kind of bug, we don't know.