eCAP module accessing for 28335 dsp

hi, i have been using the embedded controls developer for TMS320F 28335.It has been a very helpful tool for operating our motor. i wish to determine the on time of a square wave.i used the eCAP module but how to view the output of the timestamp registers? i used the scope in vissim,but it does not show any output..any help on this will be appreciated.

i understand the

i understand the instructions..but how to view the output from eCAP second port? i am unable to view the time in a 2d plot or in a display...and should hexadecimal conversions be done?

Yes, either a plot or display

Yes, either a plot or display will work. The output from the pin is a 32 bit integer representing the number of system clocks between event 1 and event 2. So if the duty cycle doesn't change, then you will get a constant number. The maximum will be just under the PWM period (at 100% duty cycle there is no falling edge to trigger the capture), the minimum will be 1 (at 0 there is no falling edge either)

Set "Max Events" to 2 Set

Set "Max Events" to 2
Set event 1 to trigger on rising edge and check "reset counter on capture event"
Set event 2 to trigger on falling edge
Output pin 2 will result in the on time when you compile the diagram.
If you still have problems, attach your diagram to this post