eCAN on F28335

I am new to Vissim but not to the F28335 What I am trying to do is CAN bus control of a PMSM. The motor control part has been very easy but trying to get the CAN bus working has been more than difficult. Are the eCAN features supported? The register that I don't see being set up is CANMC I thought about doing extern write but some of the bits that I would be changing are EALLOW protected. Some help would be great.

Thanks Brad

Having eCAN Problem

I have attached the vissim that I am using to try and learn how to set up CAN on a 28335 our company uses CAN on everything so I want to make sure that it works good before we purchase the software. It doesn't seem to matter what i change I get a CAN message with an ID of 0x005 and a payload of 8 Bytes of ever changing numbers and no matter what I change the outcome is the same. I am sure that I am missing something easy because I have been very impressed with the software to this point. The file is from your examples even unmodified it still sent out the same message that i talked about earlier.

Strange. We compiled and

Strange. We compiled and downloaded your diagram on an F28335 eZdsp and confirmed that are receiving extended packets with ID=0x10, extended frames, bus speed at 1 MHz, and data payload is fixed and unchanging. How did you download your diagram? Did you run standalone or via a "-d" debug diagram?

How are you reading the bus? Is it with a Peak USB CAN adaptor or some other?

Yes, eCAN features are all

Yes, eCAN features are all supported. The CANMC (and CANME and CANMD and CANREC and CANTRS and CANMOTO ...) are all used in the driver support library. Unlike simpler peripherals like PWM and ADC, the CAN support is more complex and uses a runtime library for support. Just insert CANtransmit and CANreceive blocks to send and receive, and use the CANtransmit Ready block to indicate that a mailbox is ready for use.