Does VisSim/ECD have all I need to compile and download to the target?

Hi. I want to buy VisSim/ECD. Can you confirm that for a development program using the TI 28335 DSP processor that the only tools I would need to purchase is the VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer? Is everything included that would be needed to develop the models, code generate, and flash into the DSP or are other software modules needed?

You just need to add a C compiler and stir

VisSim/ECD is a bundle of all the VisSim addons you will need to develop for a particular target family. It includes the C code generator, target support, fixed point block set, JTAG Hotlink interface and the TI motor control block set. All you will need to add is a C compiler. For VisSim/ECD, the F283x chip set is considered to be part of the F280x target family. Other target support options include QNX x86, MSP430, F281x, F2407, F243, C67xx, and C541x. For TI C2000 (like F28335) you will need TI's Code Composer Studio(CCS). CCS is the C compiler and edit/debug GUI environment for TI C2000, MSP430 and C6000 targets. It is required by VisSim for support of C2000 and C6000 targets.
VisSim will automatically use CCS for compilation and downloads, and interactive data exchange for debugging, but you will need to invoke the CCS GUI environment for flash burning. You should install CCS before VisSim so that VisSim can properly link to it.
CCS comes in various flavors and prices. The current version is v4 and uses the Java based open-source Eclipse GUI (a departure from the v3.x proprietary GUI), but the core compilers are still the Tartan compilers that TI bought years ago. The free CCS versions are limited either in size of out file flash/RAM (32K) or are restricted to only using XDS100 emulators. For CCS V4, VisSim happens to support other emulators besides XDS100 even if you are using the XDS100 limited version. You are only limited to XDS100 emulators when in the CCS Eclipse GUI. You can see TI's explanation of CCS versions here: