Does VisSim have the ability to access all the output pins on the F28335?

I am using an eZdsp 28335. Does VisSim have the ability to access the other output pins on the board other than the pwm or the lights? Thanks, Robert


1 how can i connect the board with vissim / ECD
2 does vissim / ECD support third-party boards producted in china?

First connect with Code Composer

Then VisSim will find the JTAG emulator linkage and use it. See this post
Yes, VisSim works with all 3rd party emulators that we have tested including Spectrum Digitial, Black Hawk, XDS100, and Signum.

Yes, VisSim can access all user pins on the chip

Hi Schaefr, Yes, VisSim allows access to all pins. Use the digital Input/Output blocks for GPIO, and use the appropriate peripheral blocks for other pin usages. VisSim tracks all pin usage and will warn of conflicts. You can also select which pins to use for a given device if they are muxed.