Can ayone please help me out to determine how to use JTAG header to debug the Vissim code. Right now I am uncertain how to keep the JTAG program hooked to the PCBA and control the execution of the code. This will be important as we won’t be able to really troubleshoot the controller until we can do this.

Hiii Thanks for the

Hiii Thanks for the reply.

Could you please tell me the order for compiling the source diagram, Code composer studio and debug diagram. When to power up my PCB and when to shut it off while doing these processes. Thanks.

As the movies show, you

As the movies show, you compile the source diagram to generate an executable .out file, then switch to the debug diagram and run it. You can keep the logic stage of your PCB powered up the whole whole time. No need to power it off and shut it down. It can be a good idea to shut down your power stage during development until your diagram is downloaded and running, however if the power stage is designed properly there should be no problem so long as you are careful about what program you download to start switching the PWMs. One user accidentally downloaded a program with PWMs set up to drive single ended MOSFET drivers to an IGBT with fully driven half H-bridges. Needless to say, the IGBTs weren't too happy.

Good question!

Hi Krishna, Yes, this is the biggest thing to understand to successfully develop embedded apps with VisSim. In short, you need to replace the module you are testing with a "targetInterface" block from the Embedded menu. When you click go it will download the executable .out file that you code-gen'ed and compiled from the source diagram. This is described in our on-line movies:
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And in our ECD quick start guide here