Compiler warning Type function declared implicitly


i get always the compiler warning 'function declared implicitly' for these functions:

_fxDivSat16 in cgen.h line 51

i2c0GetChar in vsi2c.h line 45

i2c0PutChar in vsi2c.h line 46

Please could you send me the prototyps for these function so i can add these in the userdll.h.

Thank you

Thanks for pointing this

Thanks for pointing this out. Here are the defs. We will include them in our normal header files in the next update. In the meantime, you can use the defs below.

extern short fxDivSat16(short n, short d, short s);
extern char i2c0GetChar();
extern char i2c1GetChar();
extern char i2c2GetChar();
extern void i2c0PutChar(char datum);
extern void i2c1PutChar(char datum);
extern void i2c2PutChar(char datum);