Hello everybody,

I have a problem with this program. I compile the program but I get an error message and I don't know which is the origin. Maybe could be that the algorithm have to perform a lot of calculations. Also I have to mention that I programmed everything using just multiplications and sums. Hope to have news from you. Please help me with this. Best regards, Danilo

PS: I attached the error message file (text file). I couldn't attach the program because it is 2.88MB and only 1MB is allowed.

Wow Danilo, you broke the TI

Wow Danilo, you broke the TI C compiler! Can you zip the diagram and attach it? We can report the problem to TI.

I have a question. Can I use

I have a question. Can I use Vissim 8.10 with Code Composer Studio v5.2 by TI? Because I have a compilation problem with CCS v4 and I was recommended to try CCS v5 but I would like to know if it is ok if I upgrade my code composer version. Hope to have news from you

Yes, VisSim/ECD works fine

Yes, VisSim/ECD works fine with CCS v5. You will have to reinstall VisSim after you install CCS v5 so that VisSim can setup it's path to point to the new CCS v5 install. Do not uninstall VisSim, just run the same VisSim install again.

Bad news, CCS v5 still has

Bad news, CCS v5 still has the problem. The good news, is that if you Ctr+right click all the Pn_Pm.. compound block and select "Local time step", but keep the time step the default .0002, VisSim creates synchronous functions for each block. It slows things down a bit, but it does compile (though it takes a long time to compile). Are you doing H-infinity fixed-point 3-phase motor control?

The error message file

The error message file

Hi, actually I'm trying to do

Hi, actually I'm trying to do H-infinity fixed-point 3-phase motor estimator, not control... but I'm getting some problems as you can see.... Now I get a new error message... I rewrite a lot of my programmation and I reduce my code size... so I tried to compile it but I get the message error I attached to you. I don't remember if I mentioned before but I'm using a DSP F2808 by TI to run my code... I don't know why I get an error about code size limitation... I'm using CSE v4.2... do you think I can solve it if I try to compile my code with a licensed version of CSE v4, because now I'm not sure, but I think I'm using a version with code size limitation, or the message is because of lack of FLASH memory in the DSP.

I attach my code and the error message. Thanks for your help

Yes, this error is due to the

Yes, this error is due to the "code size limited" version of CCS that you have. We compiled and linked your diagram with no problem in our labs. We got:

FLASH segment = 0xbaa7


DRAMH0 segment = 0x3625

WOW, that's strange! I

WOW, that's strange! I attached the zipped program. Thanks for the help