compatibility with spectrum digital ezdsp f28335

hi all, i have a spectrum digital ezdsp f28335 starter kit, and i am new with vissim, i just would like to kwon if vissim is compatible with ezdso f28335.

thaks, regards.

Yes, VisSim supports the

Yes, VisSim supports the entire line of C2000 products. The F283xx series is also called "Delfino" which is how you will see it listed in the VisSim menu: Embedded > Examples > Delfino. All the Defino examples will run on the F28335 eZdsp board. The examples that use on-chip peripherals like I2C write-to-EEPROM and CAN Rx/Tx will work fine with your eZdsp board which has on-board EEPROM and CAN transceiver.
Note that the F28335 controlCARDs do not have EEPROM or a CAN transceiver but some kits like the HVMOTOR-kit have a CAN transceiver.