Changes for delta motor?? - Use of "space vector modulation" ,"phase Voltage calc32" and "ACI Motor" blocks


I have a small question using "space vector modulation", "phase Voltage calc32" and "ACI Motor" blocks etc with delta (or triangle) connected motors.

  1. Are these block designed for star connected motors alone? Or can they be used for delta motors too?
  2. If they can be used for delta motors too, then can these blocks be used directly or should we add some extra blocks to transform from star to delta ?
  3. Also, in ACI motor block, can one use delta parameters or should one use equivalent star paramters?

The reason for this question is because: mag(spaceVector_delta) = sqrt(3)* mag(spaceVector_star)and phase(spaceVector_delta) = 30° + phase(spaceVector_star)
Example: For IGBT switching sequence 001 (i.e. branch A and B = Bottom IGBT ON and branch C = Top IGBT ON),
For delta winding: Phase voltages (Ua, Ub, Uc) = (0, -Udc, +Udc ) ; mag(spaceVector) = (2/sqrt(3)) * Udc and phase(spaceVector) = 270°
For star winding: Phase voltages (Ua, Ub, Uc) = (-1/3 Udc, -1/3 Udc, +2/3 Udc ) ; mag(spaceVector) = (2/3) * Udc and phase(spaceVector) = 240°

Regards, Murthy


Dear I am student and i need your help do you worked ti with ACIM for sensorless based on mras or on full order
observer? how can i calculate the rated flux of the ACIM 0.25HP? if you have it please send me its
parameters that you used?

thanks yours ahmed

Excellent question. Yes the

Excellent question. Yes the blocks can be used for both motors. Transforms like Park/Clarke are not changed. The "space vector modulation" block is just an inverse Clarke with a 3rd harmonic, so no change there. The big differences are in

the motor force constant Kf

  • Delta: Kf = sqrt(3)/2*LB
  • Wye: Kf = 3/2*LB

and BEMF:

  • Delta: Kbmf = LB
  • WYE: Kbmf = sqrt(3)LB

This would affect the AC Induction motor models. The ACI block is constructed using TI code. We checked and there is no mention of whether it is modeled with Wye or Delta.

They are quite similar

Any symmetrical (meaning equal impedances all phases) when connected in delta can be seen as a star connected machine by dividing the measured phase parameters by a factor three. See our book 'Fundamentals of Electrical Drives'. One can also do the voltage and current transformation on the software side, as shown in the simulation examples in our book.

Regards Duco