Can't load driver ""

Hi all,

I'm trying to get started using VisSim to program a Piccolo F28069 ControlStick (Toshiba NB500, Windows 7 starter). Whenever I try to download to the ControlStick I get the VisSim/ECD message "Can't load driver 'C:\ti\ccsv5\ccs_base\emulation\drivers\". The file exists, or at least shows up in windows explorer in this location.

I can work around the problem in some instances (e.g. blink LED) by loading the program onto the ControlStick via Code Composer Studio 5, but this creates complications when trying to have e.g. a visual interface on my computer (e.g. Measure Chip Temperature).

Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


that works

Just to confirm the updated software seems to be working as expected. Thanks again.


Interesting. What version of

Interesting. What version of VisSim are you running? There was a problem with JTAG and CCS v5 with VisSim 8.0A24, but it was fixed in 8.0A25.

Version 8.0A25

I'm running 8.0A25, downloaded this week. Ben

Even more interesting. What

Even more interesting. What version of CCSv5 are you running?


Using CCSv5, also downloaded and installed this week. CCS and VisSim are both on the limited-time trial, if that helps.

Thanks for helping on this,



We found the problem and it is fixed. Turns out that if you had a prior version of CCS on your computer you would have been OK.
You can download the updated ECD install here
Do not uninstall as that will terminate your trial. Just run the updated install and it will change required files.


Thanks Anders,

I won't be able to test this until Monday but will report back here once I know how it went.

I appreciate the help,