Cannot run simple project


I am having some startup difficulty with my VisSim/ECD 8.0. Perhaps someone could help me along.

What I am doing:

Install CCS, install VisSim. Open a new diagram. Pull up the MCU Config... dialog - the part I am using is F28069. I set to 80 MHz clock, internal oscillator, 8x, etc. Drop this on the diagram. Pick 2 Analog/Digital Outputs and drop them on the diagram. Set both to Digital out - one to A31 and the other to B2 (GPIO31 and GPIO34, the LEDS). Grab a pulsed source from the toolbar and drop it on the diagram. Grab a boolean not block from the menu and drop it on the diagram. Wire the pulsed source directly to one of the outputs, and through the not gate to the other output. Save the diagram. Tools->Code Gen... Click Compile... No errors noted. Click Download... Click Download... again. The little blue blocks run across and the dialog says done! LED's on my Piccolo board are toggling, but it seems to be about 1/6th the speed with which they should be.

Ok, I used CCSv5. Maybe there are some issues with it.

Uninstall VisSim, Uninstall CCSv5. Install CCSv4.2.4.00033. Install VisSim. Repeat same procedure. This time download again shows as successful. This time no response from the LED's at all.

If I use the pre-configured examples installed with VisSim (many of which include an equivalent flashing LED component) the LED's blink happily.

What am I doing wrong here? Why, when I start a project from scratch, will it not load and run as the examples do? I have checked all of the IDE settings I can think of. As far as I can tell the settings in my new project are identical to the settings of the pre-configured projects.

@lxman: Glad to hear it's

@lxman: Glad to hear it's working as expected now. Do not uninstall a trial, it will terminate the trial. Please attach the .vsm diagram that results in the LED pulsing at the "wrong" rate. Then we can comment helpfully. All blocks that you place in the diagram will generate code and run on the target. There is a special "interactive" mode that downloads a special precompiled .out file to read and write ADC, PWM, QEP and GPIO on the target if you include such blocks in your diagram and click the GO button. This will run all other computational blocks on the PC. It is disabled by default since it confused so many people and is limited by the ~100Hz JTAG bandwidth. To enable it, select Embedded > [target] > MCU Config... > "Enable Interactive Mode"

Alright, to respond to my own

Alright, to respond to my own question, it would appear that one of my issues was using a pulsed source. If I use a square wave instead, the simple circuit seems to function properly.

A resulting question now comes up.

If I use the sources, pulsed, sine, etc. from the toolbar, are these internally generated in the microcontroller? Or are they generated on the PC and then sent down the JTAG link at execution time?