Can a whole motor drive system be developed using only VisSim?


I would like to know if a whole drive system development can done using only VisSim or some other software also needed along with Vissim/ECD. Also I am interested in Vissim/ECD personal edition. I wanted to evaluate that software. I found that there is something specific to Piccolo processor. I would like to know if there is one for delfino processors. Because the DSC i have is delfino F28835.

Thanking you.


Yes. We have customers doing

Yes whole motor drive systems can be done using only VisSim/ECD (and the TI C compiler). We have customers doing exactly this. After you install VisSim/ECD you can open example diagrams for BLDC, PMSM, AC induction and stepper motor control under Embedded > Digital Motor Control > ...
These diagrams work with TI motor drive development boards: DRV8312, DRV8302, HVMotorKit, DRV8412. For complete motor drive development, the addon VisSim/StateCharts is typically used to sequence startup phases and decode serial protocols.
Our F280x target support handles both Piccolo and Defino as well as F280x.