Can i update my vissim 6 with vissim 8?

Can I update my vissim 6 to vissim 8 so that i can work on Piccolo control stick.

or otherwise can I use piccolo control stick directly from vissim 6, for this Can I need any extra files to be downloaded or added?

please help to overcome this problem

Yes, you can always upgrade

Yes, you can always upgrade a prior version to the current shipping version. Please contact sales for pricing. VisSim 6 does not interface to CCS v4 or 5, so it will not work with newer parts from TI. VisSim v8 fully supports CCS v4 and v5, as well as all Piccolo parts, and the XDS100 v2 USB JTAG interface found on TI development boards and controlSTICKs. You can download and install VisSim/ECD v8 here. VisSim v8 will run in parallel with older versions, so you can install v8 without uninstalling v6.