Can I control execution order in the diagram?

(1) When I generate code for F281x examples\ReadSpiReolver, I found that the code flows from top to bottom (I changed the sequence and generate & read the code again). Will the code flow from left to right if that is the case? What if we have both, i.e., we have 2 columns. Will the code finish the first column and then go to the second column? Or it is recommended not doing this way.

(2) If I like to start ADC with T1 period match. I know I can set this in ADC config, but where can I set T1 period if I don’t use T1 related blocks anywhere.

(3) For Dsp config, timer 2 is the default. Can I change to others in the drop down window. I changed once to T1UFINT and also used PWM; it showed timer conflict. Thanks

Yes you can.

Excellent questions!
1) If 2 sets of connected blocks are independent (there is no connection between the sets) then the generated code for each set executes in top-down order. The final consumer block (the block with no output pins) is used to determine top-down positioning. Left to right-ness is ignored. Stick to 1 column for your diagram if order matters.

2) For the 2812 you must use a T1 related block to set T1 the timer. You can use the T1PWM for instance.

3) Yes, you can choose other time bases for your main control loop as in DSPConfig dialog. Note that DSP utilization from the DSPinterface block only works for 32-bit timer 2 (the default). If you choose another timer (T1), and a PWM also uses T1, then VisSim will check to make sure that prescale, period, mode usage all match, otherwise you get a resource conflict.

Regards, Pete