About Using F2812 SPI

Hi, I am very new to Vissim ECD. I have no prior on programming MCU using VISSIM ECD. I am currently using VISSIM ECD version 8. I have been trying to use the SPI blocks for F2812 MCU. I follow the following procedures to create my model.

  1. Configure MCU CONFIG.
  2. Configure SPI CONFIG.
  3. Write 1 using SPI WRITE

The program compile and run nicely. Although I set the program to run continously, I can't see the SPICLK showing up on my oscilloscope. Just wondering what have I done wrong? Please also refer to the attached file.

Thank you.

Note that the SPI CLK only

Note that the SPI CLK only runs while the 16 bits of data is transmitted. Your diagram is set to sample at 100 Hz. This means that you are getting a brief 1 MHz burst of 16 bits followed by a long time of dead air. This can be hard to see on a scope. Try bumping your sampling rate up to 10-100KHz and you should see some SPI activity.