about LF2812

hi, i'm learning about vissim/ecd for 2812 and i see some example in ....dsp\example\LF2812 and i see it use block in TI DMC 16 bit. i known that 2812 is 32 bit fixed point, so why don't use block in DMC 32 bit.

hi ,I am chinese.i have a

hi ,I am chinese.i have a target of dsp2812,and the target is made in china by third part ,but i cannot emulate,thought i have selected the correct JTAG link under VisSim/DSP > F281x > DSP Config...(and i can connect with ccs3.3)

Please download our latest ECD version

It has enhanced JTAG debug information. You may download the latest ECD from here: http://www.vissim.com/downloads/vissim_software.html
Do not uninstall your current VisSim, this install will updated needed files. What is the name of your Chinese emulator?

See the working simulation attached below

Hi Huan, You were thinking too hard. Just multiply the space vector wave forms by the inverter voltage to get the phase voltage input to the AC Induction motor model. The Phase Voltage block you were using is for sensorless field oriented control of permanent magnet synchronous motors. Also, you were using 16 bit blocks for the F2812. You must use the 32 bit blocks for the 28xx targets. The attached diagram has been modified from the one you supplied to give a good simulation response.

eZdsp R2812

now i downloaded acim_vf_openloop_50hz.vsm in 'V/F ACI control' and fixed some block for 2812. i see source code for 2407 can run in 2812, but in sim mode i used phase volt calc wire input to output space vector generator, DV bus = 250v but when run it's not work in sim mode( i has try delete some block in sim mode). can you help me?