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VisSim/Motion Tutorial

Detailed Tutorial of AC Induction Motor control with simulation of speed control for a machine tool lathe and Brushless DC Motor control with simulation of a servo-positioning system.

Introduction to 6-DOF Simulation of Air Vehicles

AUTHOR: ROBERT JOSSELSON, PH.D., ITT AEROSPACE SYSTEMS GROUP Examines the essential elements of a 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) simulation including Coordinate Systems and Transformations, the Derivation of Equations of Motion, Keeping Track of True Body Attitude and Aerodynamic Forces and Movements.

Simulation of Communication Systems

AUTHOR: EUGENE ESTINTO, ERITEK, INC. Describes how to model and simulate analog, digital or mixed mode communication systems. It discusses how to use a block diagram approach to develop models of transmitters, channels and receivers and provides detailed coverage of Signal Encoding, Modulation (Analog & Digital), Channel Models (WGN, Fading, Multipath, TWTA, Binary Symmetric), Demodulation, Signal Decoding (Viterbi & Trellis) and Signal Sinks (BER Curves, Eye Plots, Frequency Domain Plots, Phase Scatter Plots). An example of a VisSim/Comm system level simulation is included.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Controls: Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems

AUTHOR: NEBIL BEN-AISSA, JOHNSON CONTROLS Discusses Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems. Develops models for a VAV Air Handling System and a VAV Control System. The VAV Control System includes a room model, a damper model, and a VAV controller (including a PID controller, a pulse width modulator, actuators and sensors). The room model is then disturbed using loads that approximate daily environmental room conditions to test the control algorithm and understand the dynamics of the VAV system. The results of the simulation are reviewed.

Biomedical Systems: Modeling and Simulation of Lung Mechanics and Ventilator Controls Design

AUTHOR: MIKE BORELLO, METRAN AMERICA, INC. Develops a mechanical lung/ventilator model and investigates the behavior of the model with a feedback control system. Uses real time Hardware-in-the Loop Simulation to verify the control system then discusses the transfer of the control design to an embedded system. The process can be applied to any embedded control design application.

Fundamentals of Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

AUTHORS: DR. ARUN MULPUR AND PETER DARNELL, VISUAL SOLUTIONS, INC. A mathematical model of a dynamic system (two masses connected by a slotted linkage) is developed and simulated. The dynamics of the system are analyzed and interpreted visually through the use of plot and display blocks. Six test cases are examined changing various parameters (e.g. gravity, mass, friction).