Visual Solutions Announces VisSim/Embedded Controls DeveloperSupport for Texas Instruments Piccolo MCUs

Westford, Massachusetts, March 31, 2009 - Visual Solutions Incorporated announced today that the v7.0a release of VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer provides full, model-based support for Texas Instruments Incorporated’s (TI) TMS320F2803x/2x Piccolo microcontrollers.

VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer is a block diagram environment for the rapid prototyping and creation of embedded digital controllers for TI DSPs, C2000, and MSP430 microcontrollers. It now provides powerful and flexible built-in functionality for embedded controllers targeting TI’s TMS320F2803x/2x Piccolo devices, eliminating the need for engineers to hand code in C or assembly language. The VisSim diagram can be used throughout the development process for simulation, rapid prototyping, and production code generation, as well as for operator training.

After the control algorithm has been designed, tested, simulated, and verified in VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer, the engineer can automatically generate scaled, fixed-point ANSI C code for the controller and download the code to the Piccolo device. VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer provides Piccolo-specific blocks that generate efficient, interrupt-driven code for on-chip peripherals, including SPI, ADC, I2C, serial, PWM, capture, and GPIO. Additionally, VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer provides interactive mode, compiled stand-alone mode, and interactive communication with the Piccolo device over the USB JTAG.

Existing VisSim diagrams can be easily retargeted to the Piccolo device without making structural changes to the diagram. This results in greatly reducing the engineering cost to support multiple targets.

The new TMS320F2803x/2x Piccolo MCUs from TI combine 32-bit performance, enhanced peripherals and small package sizes, allowing designers to add real-time control and system management to applications that could traditionally not afford it. Real-time control offers greater system efficiency and precision through the implementation of advanced algorithms for applications such as, solar inverters, white goods appliances, hybrid automotive batteries and LED lighting.

“VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer for TI’s Piccolo MCUs simplifies programming by enabling developers to graphically configure and use Piccolo's on-chip features, including high-resolution PWM, SPI, ADC, serial, flash, I2C, GPIO, and enhanced capture,” Keith Ogboenyiya, C2000 microcontroller product line manager. “Further reducing time to market, VisSim’s efficient code generator allows developers to program complex digital control algorithms that fit easily into the flash and RAM of the Piccolo parts.”

A 60-day trial version of the VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer software is available at

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