Prius IPM Motor Current Ratio

Brushless Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Motors provide a high efficiency by using torque provided by the magnetic fields of a permanent magnet and the reluctance torque of the surrounding soft iron structure in which the magnets are embedded. The produces an interesting torque curve that combines the magnetic pole direction sensitive torque with the pole direction insensitive reluctance torque. This has the effect of skewing the peak torque curve based on phase current.

How can I connect VisSim with F28335?


I have some problems with connection between computer and F28335 processor on a TMS320C2000 Texas Instruments board. I have only standard USB cable, but I know on TI board I have access to JTAG pins - but I have no special cable for this. I heard from Pete Darnell (very helpful man) - I can connect by standard USB connection protocol - it means XDS 100 USB emulator.

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