Hi, I was trying to flash LEDs on the F28035 TI control card, the ports being GPIO 31 and GPIO 34.

The LED's glow for a fraction of a second around 1ms.

The JTAG settings are T1XDS100v2USB

Help me out!!!Thanks in advance !!!

Trying to run a stepper motor with wave drive. [Relating Target Interface for Piccolo f28069]

I am trying to run my stepper motor with wave drive. I developed a vissim model and when i am trying to develop a debug diagram, the Output of model and debug diagram doesn't coincide. I am attaching both the files and their outputs in document file.


  1. Does my debug diagram and my model should have same Time step?
  2. The max frequency is 10hz and the given sample rate is 10 times of frequency (satisfying Nyquist criteria), even though the output differs . If I change the sample rate more than 100hz in my target interface, it changes the nature of output-- Reason

Is there an F280x ePWM block for simulation?

I wonder if there is a block that can let me simulate the possible waveforms I can get from the ePWM block. If there is one, where can I find it?

F28069 Piccolo differentiator

I'd like to find the time derivative of a measured input signal to a F28069 Piccolo. Is there a standard fixed-point solution for this?

Many thanks,


Which is better to use: Floating point or fixed point blocks?

I have a Delfino F28335 and it does floating point in the hardware. Which is better, fixed-point or floating point?

How do I flash my Piccolo (F28035)?

Can I flash directly from VisSim?

Amazingly Low Cost TI Kits for Embedded Development

I have to say that I am very pleased with Texas Instruments latest round of DSP and microprocessor development kits. They have done an amazing job of taking the cost out of sophisticated embedded development. At one time, the JTAG pod alone cost $1500, now it is included free with the kit. They have the latest TI C2000 parts: F28335 and F28035, real-time JTAG connection to the PC, high quality analog sensors, and a very good C compiler.

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