Motor Control

I want to do IGBT based motor control

I don't see an 'IGBT' block in the VisSim library. I want to use IGBT switches in my motor control application. Please advise how to address this issue.

motor control by piccolo launchpad (tms320f28027)

please help me... i need to control the speed of 9 volt dc motor using piccolo... Thanks...


Is the VisSim embedded control project DRV8312-pmsm-28M35H52 designed to operate with the TMDXCNCDH52C1 Concerto controlCARD plugged into the DRV8312EVM motor driver evaluation board? If so, are there any tips on getting this to run? I'm having some trouble that I suspect stems from the dual core architecture.

I want to spin a PMSM motor with F28335 and DMC550. Can you do it?

Hi I've just received a TMS320F28335 eZkit with DMC550 card. I would like to run a program to simply make a brushless motor turn. I've seen you have example VisSim diagrams for f2812 and f2808 target but is there one for f28335?

Regards Joe

Amazingly Low Cost TI Kits for Embedded Development

I have to say that I am very pleased with Texas Instruments latest round of DSP and microprocessor development kits. They have done an amazing job of taking the cost out of sophisticated embedded development. At one time, the JTAG pod alone cost $1500, now it is included free with the kit. They have the latest TI C2000 parts: F28335 and F28035, real-time JTAG connection to the PC, high quality analog sensors, and a very good C compiler.

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