I am putting a 1 kHz sin wave to the ADC on F2812 eZdsp but don't see it in VisSim

I am clocking my VisSim diagram at 5 kHz, but when I plot it in VisSim I don't see the 1 kHz wave form I am sending to the ADC via my signal generator. Why is that?

Does VisSim/ECD have all I need to compile and download to the target?

Hi. I want to buy VisSim/ECD. Can you confirm that for a development program using the TI 28335 DSP processor that the only tools I would need to purchase is the VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer? Is everything included that would be needed to develop the models, code generate, and flash into the DSP or are other software modules needed?

When I try to download to the target both VisSim and Code Composer hang

When I try to download to the target VisSim stops responding. What can be the problem?

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