web28M35H52 help

Hello I am trying to get the Cortex side of my F28M35H52 to communicate with my C28 but it doesn't look like anything is going through. I've used the mtocBuf extern blocks on the C28 side but nothing seems to pass through. Can you please help me?

How Do I Use Uniflash to burn my program to flash?

I want to burn my Concerto C28x program to flash. I see you recommend Uniflash to burn it to flash, but how the heck do I use it? TI doesn't seem to have very good help.

How do I burn my .out file to flash with CCS v4?

I have compiled my VisSim diagram and checked the flash option. How do I get my program burned to flash?

How can I tell if I am over my flash size quota?

I want to know if I am going over my flash size quota. Where do I check this?

how to know how much program memory is used by the DSP?

Hello, I'm trying to compare between CCS and vissim about memory to be used on DSP after compiler program. example: my program is control open loop AC motor use V/f, and i see %CPU usage. now i want to see how much ram memory on dsp is used.

How do I flash my Piccolo (F28035)?

Can I flash directly from VisSim?

How can I download program into Flash

Hello again!

I have next problem with VisSim - I would like to download my program into flash memory in F28335 device. Do I have to configure only in Code Gen window?

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