F28335 ADC SOC configuration


I want to use a different SOC for each of my ADC's but when i go to ADC settings i get this (Image attached) I am using F28335 with USBv1 please help me how to debug the same

Running Project on a F28335

I have a project I want to run on my F28335 experimenter's kit. However, when I try to generate the C-code for it, the target only has a F280x avaliable. How do I download the project to my F28335 and run it? I am super new to this development package and I am sorry if this has been answered before. I have attached my program file. The goal of the file is to create 4 kHz Sine PWM waveform on my EPWM pins, just in case that information is needed.

Thanks in advance!

I2C example for F28335

I am trying to communicate with an i2c device using eepromReadWriteF28335 as reference. However, I am not sure the external references and state transitions are necessary. I want to run a basic test: Send one byte to the slave device (requesting the value of a certain register) and read the return byte. Can you provide a simple example?

Thanks! Kevin

How do I select F28335 target in the Code Gen dialog?

When using Tools > Code Gen to create a .out file, I don't see the F28335 processor option in the main target list. How can I select the F28335 processor target? Please reply us as soon as possible.

How can I get the C compiler for VisSim and TI F28035?

Is the C compiler provided by Visual Solutions or do I need to get the compiler separately?

What do you recommend for a good motor development platform?

I have had good success using VisSim with F2801 and F28027 but I want to design an ultimate motor control board for code development purposes. I like the TI320F28335 (the 150Mhz, 520KB Flash) DSP. Do you have any experience with this DSP? Is this the top of the line DSP that I can rely on? Will it work with VisSim? How easy it is to transfer 28335 code to a 2806 code? Does VisSim handle things differently for 28335?

If you think 28335 is not a good choice from VisSim perspective than let me know which one is?

Does VisSim/ECD have all I need to compile and download to the target?

Hi. I want to buy VisSim/ECD. Can you confirm that for a development program using the TI 28335 DSP processor that the only tools I would need to purchase is the VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer? Is everything included that would be needed to develop the models, code generate, and flash into the DSP or are other software modules needed?

dc buck converter won't work. Help!

I'm using your dc-2buck-f2808-d diagram as a starting point to control my buck converter. I've taken the output voltage and wired it to ADCINB0 through a 1K resistor (I know it should be buffered but I want to do a quick test). I'm assuming that c0: is the reference? So if I set that to .5 my reference would be full scale input/2? 1.5V? But when I move the slider to a non zero value, the regulator goes from 0V to full on. What am I doing wrong?

Can you explain the F280x PWM module? It's somewhat overwhelming when you first look at it.

There are 2 inputs to the VisSim ePWM block and when you right click there are many many options. Are there any other blocks or items that go with or belong with the epwm module or is everything self contained. I'm trying to sync a few modules and play with timing.

I downloaded the 100+ pages of TI epwm reference (SPRU791F) so this will keep me busy. Any recommendations or tips regarding this module? Thanks

How can I download program into Flash

Hello again!

I have next problem with VisSim - I would like to download my program into flash memory in F28335 device. Do I have to configure only in Code Gen window?

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