Can I connect to the DSP through a USB to parallel port interface?

I want to connect the DSP through a USB to parallel port interface as my new system does not have a parallel port. The system does not recognize the DSP connected to the USB port this way. Do u have any info on that.

How to create new blocks (or DLL) for TMS320F28335 ?


I would like to create some new blocks for TMS320F28335 and I saw that everything is explain in Vissim 7 User Guide and that some examples are provide with Vissim 7. But there's no example for an embedded application block... So could you provide us a C code of an embedded application as the ePWM block for F280x ?



F2812 Flash API Erase Error

We are trying to download our VisSim generated .out file to our F2812 but we always get a message "Flash API Error #22: the Erase operation failed the erase step." We check the "Target Flash" option in the VisSim Codegen Dialog. We are using CCS V3.1 and Flash API V1.0. What can be the problem?

How is ADC channel mapping done on F2812?

For ADC, does Analog input block “f281x-Ain:0” already shift 4 bits (the generated code showed it is so), therefore, this block gives exactly what is input (analog) at the pin. Where can I find the info for the channel chart: for example Ain:0 is ADCINA0, etc. Also where can I find the chart for Analog output, e.g., Aout:0.. etc. I didn’t see the converted results are accurate. Maybe I miss something. I did read the readme instruction to put the input to analog pin and Vreflo.
Thank you for your help.

Can I control execution order in the diagram?

(1) When I generate code for F281x examples\ReadSpiReolver, I found that the code flows from top to bottom (I changed the sequence and generate & read the code again). Will the code flow from left to right if that is the case? What if we have both, i.e., we have 2 columns. Will the code finish the first column and then go to the second column? Or it is recommended not doing this way.

(2) If I like to start ADC with T1 period match.

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