How can I get the C compiler for VisSim and TI F28035?

Is the C compiler provided by Visual Solutions or do I need to get the compiler separately?

ADC block for F280x

Hello! I´m trying to use the analog input of a DSP. I use the block showed in the pannel Vissim/DSP----->F280x blocks----->analog/digital input. I configure that block like an analog input in the chanel 0 and target board 0. I use a TMS320F28335, and the datasheet show that ports 5 and 9 are the analog inputs (from ADCINA0 to ADCINA7 and ADCINB0 to ADCINB7). I use the pin 1 of the port 5 and the pin 2 of the port 9, but the DSP doesn´t recognize my input. So, where is the problem? Do I use an incorrect block? Or may I configure other parameters? Thank you in advance.

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