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How can I prevent a domain error in pow?

I have a problem with a negative number causing a domain error in power to a fractional exponent. I have 2 calculations, one uses the fractional exponent, the other does not. Basically, if K is less than 0.3 then use a simple calculation and only if k >= .3 do the fractional power. I think I have the formula implemented correctly by using a merge to select between the two calculations, but VisSim seems to execute both calculations all the time.
Can you please help me with a best way to address this?

Can I use readInterrupt block to control subsystem execution?

Hi, I just want to check & test all the blocks in the library. Okay, let’s say I am using the compound block. If I tick “enabled execution” in the compound block, then can I use the readInterrupt block to control the block execution?

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