Having trouble installing latest Code Composer

I tried downloading and installing CCS v6, but it doesnt seem to have "taken". I got an error during the install and it undid everything. What should I do?


I have tried to run "Soft Blink LED on F2013" example for ez430f2013 USB stick. However, during compilation, I am receiving cl430 and lnk430 unrecognized errors. Could not solve the problem, though I have fixed the correct path for IARv5.x and CCS4. Errors are different for the compilers. I understand that I should prefer IAR for MSP430.

I would appreciate your advise. Regards, Adnan Kurt

How can I get the C compiler for VisSim and TI F28035?

Is the C compiler provided by Visual Solutions or do I need to get the compiler separately?

Does VisSim/ECD have all I need to compile and download to the target?

Hi. I want to buy VisSim/ECD. Can you confirm that for a development program using the TI 28335 DSP processor that the only tools I would need to purchase is the VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer? Is everything included that would be needed to develop the models, code generate, and flash into the DSP or are other software modules needed?

When I try to download to the target both VisSim and Code Composer hang

When I try to download to the target VisSim stops responding. What can be the problem?

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