use VisSim to drive brushless dc motor (trapezoidal back emf) with TI DRV8301 kit

I have acquired the TI DRV8301 kit from Texas Instrument. The INSTASPIN seems to be close sourced in how it estimates flux, angle speed and torque, therefore I'm thinking of using Vsim instead for implementing the control. My question is that is it possible to use Vsim to implement the following control schemes on a brushless dc motor with trapezoidal shaped back emf:

  1. six step commutation which injects 120 degrees square wave current

I want to spin a PMSM motor with F28335 and DMC550. Can you do it?

Hi I've just received a TMS320F28335 eZkit with DMC550 card. I would like to run a program to simply make a brushless motor turn. I've seen you have example VisSim diagrams for f2812 and f2808 target but is there one for f28335?

Regards Joe

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