How do I visualize the measurement of ACS712 connected to ADC channel on a F28377s?

I'm new programming on VisSim and I have some question, first I have an ACS712 a current sensor. I configured the adc on VisSim and gives me a value between 0 to 1 but I don't know how to configure the adc to take just one sample of the adc periodically. The value is visualize on a plot 2D but the graph is like a pwm and the signal of ACS712 is a Sinusoidal. I have changed the samples clks on ADC configure to 1 and the adc doesn't read me nothing and I change to trigger with a EPWM1 SOCA but it doesn't work. I expected some advices to solve this problem.

How can I decimate the ADC Start of Conversion pulses from the PWM unit?

I am controlling a sensorless low induction PM motor: my plan is to run the PWM at 30kHz, and the controller (now just voltage for testing, but later InstaSPIN) at 15kHz, so I want to handle ADC interrupts every second PWM SOC.
Question: how do I set that up in VisSim?

Use of MSP430 ADC and DAC

I am really new to Vissim. I want to know how to use the ADC and DAC of MSP 430 using VisSim/ECD. I am using MSP 430 launch pad. which have a G2553 in it. I can use the Digital I/O.

Why doesn't the input match the output in the Digital Power ADC-DAC diagram?

Please help me with the following:

In the ADC-DAC diagram from the Digital Power addon shouldn't I get the same output as input? Here is the plot:
adc-dac plot
The output is a step when the input is ramp.

F28027 ADC issues

I try to sample a signal with the F28027 ADC. For the test, I put a 1Hz signal on the AIN1.
But there is a problem with the result I have.
Could someone help me please? I join my shematics and a sceen capture of the result I have.

I am putting a 1 kHz sin wave to the ADC on F2812 eZdsp but don't see it in VisSim

I am clocking my VisSim diagram at 5 kHz, but when I plot it in VisSim I don't see the 1 kHz wave form I am sending to the ADC via my signal generator. Why is that?

ADC block for F280x

Hello! I´m trying to use the analog input of a DSP. I use the block showed in the pannel Vissim/DSP----->F280x blocks----->analog/digital input. I configure that block like an analog input in the chanel 0 and target board 0. I use a TMS320F28335, and the datasheet show that ports 5 and 9 are the analog inputs (from ADCINA0 to ADCINA7 and ADCINB0 to ADCINB7). I use the pin 1 of the port 5 and the pin 2 of the port 9, but the DSP doesn´t recognize my input. So, where is the problem? Do I use an incorrect block? Or may I configure other parameters? Thank you in advance.

How is ADC channel mapping done on F2812?

For ADC, does Analog input block “f281x-Ain:0” already shift 4 bits (the generated code showed it is so), therefore, this block gives exactly what is input (analog) at the pin. Where can I find the info for the channel chart: for example Ain:0 is ADCINA0, etc. Also where can I find the chart for Analog output, e.g., Aout:0.. etc. I didn’t see the converted results are accurate. Maybe I miss something. I did read the readme instruction to put the input to analog pin and Vreflo.
Thank you for your help.

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